------- ACT ------- Asphalt Compatibility Tester

This is a fast, straightforward method to evaluate adhesion properties of asphalt binder and aggregates in the mixture. This test uses LED light and detection system to measure colour change that may occur as a result of ASTM D 3625 (Boil Test Method).

---- CoreLok® ---- Asphalt Density Measurement System

One machine for all Gravity Measurements. The CoreLok® is an innovative, non-nuclear system used for determining SuperPave, Stone Matrix (SMA), and coarse mix asphalt air voids by measuring sample densities using asphalt sample sealing and water displacement methods.

---- Smart-SCB™ ---- SCB Tests With Old Load Frames*

Perform SCB tests with your older load frames. Know if your asphalt will meet the requirements of the latest cracking tests without the expense of replacing your current load frames. The InstroTek Smart-SCB makes it possible with a completely integrated SCB testing jig and analysis software.

----- CoreDry® ----- Rapid Asphalt Drying System

CoreDry is an automatic system for rapid drying of loose and compacted asphalt samples and aggregates at room temperature. Unlike ovens and fans which take hours or days the CoreDry utilizes vacuum technology to remove moisture from your sample in minutes.

The M.i.S.T.™ (Moisture Induced Stress Tester)

The Best and Fastest Method for Determining Asphalt Moisture Damage! M.i.S.T. (Moisture Induced Stress Tester) is a cyclic conditioning system designed as a totally new, quick and logical method for preparation of asphalt mix samples for testing moisture damage susceptibility.

---- NoNuke™ ---- Non-Nuclear Asphalt Density Gauge

A highly advanced dielectric asphalt density gauge specifically designed to increase accuracy and dependability. The NoNuke’s unique algorithm automatically corrects and alerts the operator of issues like surface-roughness, temperature, and presence of moisture that can negatively affect the accuracy and repeatability of test results.

---- eDry™ ---- Asphalt Emulsion Dryer

The Quickest Non-destructive Method for Emulsion Drying. The NEW eDry Upgrade Kit for the InstroTek CoreDry is the quickest and most effective method for drying asphalt emulsions. In less than 30 minutes, the CoreDry eDry Emulsion Kit can be used to dry up to 5 grams of asphalt emulsions.

---- Smart-Jig™ ---- New Life for Older Load Frames

New life for older load frames. The Smart-Jig is a completely independent testing jig with the first integrated load cell, electronics and Bluetooth connectivity that makes capturing, reporting, and sharing data seamlessly. PERFORM 2X THE TESTS WITH JUST 1 JIG!

AutoRice™ Controller (Ultimate Control for Your Rice Test)

An automatic control unit allowing laboratory technicians to conduct Maximum Specific Gravity tests with the press of a button. Designed to accurately control and monitor the vacuum pressure, vacuum time and shaker vibration frequency, AutoRice ensures more consistent inter-laboratory repeatability and accuracy.

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