Induced Polarization Transmitter

Reliable and robust, the GDD IP Transmitters (models TxIII, TxII and Tx4) are used over the world for apparent resistivity and time-domain induced polarization (IP) surveys and drilling.

-------- ATOMS -------- Proton Magnetometer

A nuclear precession magnetometer designed for use in geophysical and archaeological applications. extremely sensitive instrument that measures the Earth’s magnetic field with sub-nanotesla accuracy.

Software for Electrical Tomography (Resistivity Imaging)

Zondres2d / Zondres3d are softwares designed for 2D & 3D interpretation of electrical tomography data by resistivity and induced polarization method in land, cross-borehole and water cases.

Induced Polarization Receiver

Relative resistivity and time domain induced polarization measurement. A new efficient way of collecting 3D Resistivity and Induced Polarization (IP) data for your geophysical ground surveys!

SCOUT Wireless Nodal Seismic System

SCOUT – cableless data acquisition system is designed for 2D, 3D, 4D seismic projects and to provide ease of layout when it comes to difficult terrains or in sensitive environments.

Software for Interpretation of MagnetoTelluric (MT) Data

ZondMT1d / ZondMT2d software are designed for 1D & 2D interpretation of magnetotelluric (MT) data in MT, AudioМТ and RadioMT frequencies range.

------- EM-IP Tx ------- Controller

EM-IP Tx Controller is a compact, robust and easy to use instrument designed for obtaining optimized results of EM and IP surveys with advanced signal processing for EM surveys.

MX Series – Semi-Portable Winches

A portable logging winch capable of positioning a geophysical probe or other downhole logging tools in a borehole.

Software for Transient ElectroMagnetic (TEM) Data

ZondTEM1D / ZondTEM2D software is designed for 1D or 2D Transient ElectroMagnetic(TEM) and frequency sounding for several observation systems ground and airborne.

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